Yu cooked for us yesterday (^-^) (and Hyun couldn’t help himself and made some spicy korean noodles)
For someone who’s supposed to be a terrible cooker, it was really good !




We had a nomikai after that (it’s kinda the purpose of the meeting), but I was a little tired… Salome didn’t really participate, as usual. Sometimes I wonder why she even bothers to come…
After she left, we played some drinking games, at which I was unexpectly good. (^-^)V I left when Maa-kun and Yu were found asleep (which apparently didn’t bother them to drink  again later). I wanted to stay a bit longer for Hyun, but was way to tired, and a bit drunk, so I came back home.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Yufuin with  Yu, Ben, Salomé and Miki. I really wanted to enjoy walking around Yufuin, enter small shops and do things a tourist would do…
And then, Yufuin is famous for its hotsprings, so you have to try some if you’re visiting ! I was really excited to try a beautiful natural hotspring for the first time, but of course, nobody wants to go there… except Yu.
But I guess I’m really upset because I wanted some time by myself, away from university and the people I see everyday… And I was okay to go with Yu, because I love spending time with him, but I have a hard time accepting the idea of going with people who don’t like doing the same things than I do. But I really need some time alone, to think about everything that’s happening lately…


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