Unexpected dinner

Today, I had dinner with Maa-kun et Hyun. Hyun is really busy usually, so there’s barely any opportunity to meet during the week, so it was nice to spend some time with him (and Maa-kun, of course!)

We went to a funny restaurant, called something like  »baby face (….) »  :




We thought it would be waaaay to much but at the end, it was all gone in twenty minutes xD

After that, we had dessert in a very nice cafe called  »Cafe Es Sense » (Japanese are really fond of those  »cafe » with real baristas, in a classy cool way). I loved the atmosphere of the place ; wooden furniture, large window with a view on some kind of garden (but it was dark so I’m not so sure…)





For the rest… I can’t seem to make any progress on my thesis, which is becoming a problem… I really need to work on it !!! So I’m probably gonna spend the weekend to write something, or read more to have better ideas. I wish I could get over it quickly and be able to enjoy Japan as much as possible !

On thw other hand, I met a Japanese guy two weeks ago who wants me to help him with his English, so we met again last week to draw plans about what I would teach him. Turns out I’m going to teach French… but in English ! I ‘ve never taught anyone French from the very beginning, so I wonder how it’s gonna be. He’s probably going to give up after a few weeks , like any Japanese tying to learn French anyway… xD


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